How to Accept All Friend Requests on Facebook at Once - 2016

Facebook is the biggest social media community where people connect with each other. They make friends, manage their business and etc. Facebook pages, groups and events make it more friendly and thus, it's the most active online community of the world.

Facebook is a major source to represent and promote the business online. Facebook pages make it more easy, you can reach more and more people with it. Although, many people still use facebook profiles to run their local business. Facebook don't have any option to confirm bulk friend requests you have recieved and thats the pickle.

Generally, There is no such option to accept all friend requests in a single click on facebook but most of the people are now searching for it. Actually, there are lot of ways to do it like, by extensions, add-ons and using script. Many blogs have different tricks and most of them are either fake or spam. These may compromise your account and even your account can be lockked.

Today, I am here with the most wanted facebook trick that is 'How to Accept All Friend Requests in a Single Click'. Its fully working & safe trick and can be done on Your PC (Chrome & Mozilla) without a hitch. The Only Limitation of this tricks is that It Don't Work on Android.

Accept All Friend Requests in a Single Click - 2016

Facebook is the largest social media community where we meet with Friends, Family Members, Relatives, Public Figures and Others. We make many and many friends in our daily facebook browsing. Now, consider a situation when your friend have 100+ friend requests in his account. Yes! Its not a big deal because if we've gained a quite popularity among our community, college or group than it's possible evidently. Now, your friend want to accept them and it'll certainly take his 10 minutes. Isn't it time consuming?Again, consider a situation when you've 500 requests pending and you want to accept them in a single click only! Yes, thats the tricks I'm gonna share in my current post. Kindly go through out the post and do it yourself.

In this post, I'm going to share a detailed tutorial to confirm all friend requests like a flash. This trick is completely safe to use but before using this trick, kindly do follow the below points.

  • Dont Use this Trick More than 4-5 times in a Day. 
  • Always Clear Browser's Cache-Cookies After Using this Trick. 
  • If Possible, Always Try this Trick on Verified Facebook Profiles to Perform the Steps Without Distraction.

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How to Accept All Friend Requests at Once - 2016

Requirements: PC, Working Internet Connection, Script (Get it from below) , & a Little Common Sense to Follow Me :D
  • First of All, Download the Script From the Below Link & Copy all the Script (.txt)

Update: 20 May 2016
Download Link Has Been Updated

  • Now, Open Chrome or Mozilla on Your Computer & Log-in to Your Facebook Account.
  • After the Page Loads Completely, Press
  • For Chrome CTRL+Shift+J

    For Mozilla CTRL+Shift+K

    • Now You'll See a Additional Box, Down to Your Screen. Click on Console there.

    • After that, You'll Have a Blank Console Box there. Paste the Copied there Using CTRL+V & Press Enter.
    • After Pressing Enter, You'll See a Rectangular Box on Your Screen With a Many Options.

    • Now, Click on Confirm All Friend Requests & Thats All. Your all Friends Will be Accepted Within Minutes.

    Tip: Repeat this Process, If You've too Many Pending Requests.

    For those, who are looking for the chrome or mozilla extension to perform this task should know that they all are spammy and result your account into blocked.

    Never use any extension to confirn all friend requests on facebook. The  Javascript code (script) I have shared is 100% safe and spam free. Many of our visitors have already enjoyed it. I use this script personally and Recommend it to my visitors.

    The above mentioned script is completely safe and easy to use. I'm pretty sure that i'll be damn easy for you to accept all the friend requests quicky.

    I've made this tutorial as Simpler as Possible. Still, If you guys are facing any problem in any of the steps then feel free to comment below. I'll try my best to assist you. Also, dont forget to share it with your multi-talented facebook friends, they might be looking for a tricks to confirm all friend requests at once.
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