Trick to Change Facebook Name After Limit or Before 60 Days - 2016

Facebook is well known for their security systems and restrictions. It deals with all types of spammy activities very judiciously. You can't beat them candidly in this field. If you have changed your name on facebook in the last 60 days then facebook will resctrict you to change it again. That means, if you will go for a name change before 60 days then you could see a restriction there. Even, you can see a info that name is disabled. There are some limits to change name on facebook and you can't change it before 60 days or after limit.

So, the question you may ask that how to deal with this type of restriction and change the name on facebook after limit. First of all, I will recommend you not to change your name too many times. Its always against the terms and policies of facebook. Still, If you are facing any problem in changing your name, then here I am sharing a superb way to deal with it. Yes, using this simple trick, you can change your name on facebook before 60 days. The only cramp of this trick is that you can't use your previously used name. At rest, Something is better than nothing.
Change-Facebook-Name-Afte- Limit-or-Before-60-Days

In this post, i am going to post two royal methods to change your facebook name after limit and before 60 days. Both the methods are fully working and personally tested by me. I am attatching relevant screenshots with every steps. Follow the steps carefully and make it yours. So.. Lets Start!

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How to Change Your Facebook Name After Limit?

Guys, there's no trick to change name after limit and you can go with the official way. You can request a name change with filling up a form. So, here i go.
  • Log-in to your facebook account and go to Settings > General > Name & check that what is the restriction there.
  • If you're having the below error, then this method is for you obviously.
How to change facebook name after limit

  • To change your name, simply log in to your facebook from computer or smartphone and visit this link.
  • On the screen, now you will have a form to fill. I am sure you can fill it as you have to fill your name (First & Last) and a picture of govt. issued identity.
You can submit any of the one listed below.
  • Voter Id
  • Aadhar
  • PAN Card
  • Driver Licence
  • Schook/College Card Etc..

  • So, fill-up the form correctly, simply click on Send and thats all.
After a quick review, facebook will change your name as you requested. Allright!

How to Change Your Facebook Name Before 60 Days?

Now this one is for those who have changed their name in last 60 days and want to change it again. Well, you can't use a new name again but can use your previous names by this trick. Follow me!!
how to change facebook name before 60 days

Make sure that you are logged in to your facebook, Alright? Now visit this link or Go to manually.
Now, confirm it with password. Let me tell you that you are letting them (facebook) know that your facebook is hacked and they will give you some options to confirm recently changes to your account and repair them also.
On the next screens, you will see your recent changes and confirm it. These steps may be differ from account to account.

Lastly, you will a statement that the following name changes are made recently. Eiether you can confirm the same or select and previously used name from the checklist and submit it. Thats all, your facebook will have that particular name from that moment.

Alright? These are the ways to change your facebook name before 60 days or after limit. It will work on all the facebook accounts in the same way i have mentioned in my steps, no doubt. Make sure that you are following the steps carefully.

So, thats the stuff under 'how to change facebook name after limit/before 60 days'. I am damn sure it will work in your case also. Good luck!

At last, Let me know via comments that did it work for you really. Besides that, you can keep your queries and doubts on this trick to change name after limit on facebook. Also, if you feel that i deserve a share for my writing then share it asap!
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