Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution From Footer Easily

On almost all the basic and custom blogger templates you get a powered by blogger attribution link on it at the footer area or sidebar area. As default, we can't remove it or move it anywhere else normally. If you want to remove this powered by blogger attribution to your blog then here's a tricky stuff for you. In this tutorial, you're going to have the two and only ways to remove powered by blogger attribution.
how to remove poered bu blogger
How to Remove Powered By Blogger
Powered By Blogger - these three words do nothing but make us feel irritating only. And the worst thing about it that we can't remove it simply as it comes with a locked feature. So, all we have to customise some html elements and we are done. Although, I am here with a alternate css trick to remove it also.

Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution From Footer

One more thing guys, you may ask that is it really legal to remove the attribution - powered by blogger?
Well, I'm not a lawyer but my answer will be 'NO' there. I strongly believe that they deserve a credit link and we shouldn't remove it completely. So, its recommended to add an alternate credit to your footer that 'Hosted on Blogger' or 'Powered by Blogger' or the words you like. :)

So, let me know the topic now guys. I know you are curious enough to get the process to remove the attribution. Finally, here i go. I am sharing the two ways to do it. So, follow each and every step carefully.

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How to Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution

Method #1 - By Adding Some CSS Part

  • First of all, log in to blogger and select you blog.
  • Now, click on template and go to Customise.

Remove powered by blogger template customize

  • Here, Find 'Advance' and Click on it. You'll see a box now. (Check the screenshot below.)

remove powered by blogger-add-css

  • Now, copy-paste the below code there.
  • At last, click on Apply to Blog and thats all.
  • It will be removed then immediately. Check out your blog to make sure that it really worked or not!
Method #2 - By Changing HTML Property
  • Again, Go with the boring steps and Go to Template > Edit Html
  • Now, Click on Jump to widget and select Attribution1 there.

  • You'll see the below code there.
<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'>
  • You have to make just a change here. Change true to false.After changing, it will look like below code.

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='false' title='' type='Attribution'>
  • Now, Save the template and go to Layout > Attribution.
  • Now, click on Remove and do it simply. Thats all.


Guys, I've shared the two methods to remove powered by blogger and both of the methods are really easy. I personally like the first one to do it.

So, I hope that it all worked for you and you did it. Also, I think you won't hire someone to do it for you as i have kept my steps so easy to understand.

Looking for your personal views on removing the attribution link and also, expecting at least one share from you on your favourite social media site. Thanks :)
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