How to Upload, BackUp & Restore a Blogger Template!

If you are new on blogger (blogspot actually) and don't know the basics of it like how to upload, restore and take a backup of blogger template then don't worry at all, this one is for you only. Yes, these are the basic things you have to learn first because after creating a blog the first thing you are gonna do is to upload a template on blogger and also, you should learn how to take a backup of it and again, how to restore it. So, In this post all my focus is to share all the possible efforts to show you - how to upload, backup and restore a blogger template.
How to Upload, Backup & Restore a blogger template

Blogger is one of the best CMS (Content Management System) that offers to blog with no cost. On blogger you just have to sign-up with your gmail account and you can start your blog with a free subdomain. You don't need to worry about the expansive hosting charging on blogger.

On blogger, you require a template to demonstrate your content and there are many default and custom templates are available to fulfil your needs and expectation. Mostly all the default blogger templates are just average because they dont have attractive look we expect from our dream blog. It will be wise to go with a custom blogger template and there are tons of blogger templates are available on the web. Please, take care of some factors while choosing a template for your blog. Below is a checklist of that.
  • Responsive Layout
  • SEO Optimized
  • Perfect for Your Niche
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Others.

So, let me cover the topic now. In this post i am going to share how to upload (install), backup & restore a blogger template. Just follow the simple steps.

How to Upload (Install) a Blogger Template!

Make sure that You have a .xml file of your blogger template. Unzip it, if you have a zipped file like .zip and .rar.

  • Log in to & Select Your Blog.
  • Click on Template & then, Go to Backup/Restore.
How to backup restore blogger template

  • On the Next Screen, You'll See a Option to Choose a File.
how to upload blogger template

  • Just Select the Template (.xml) From Your Root Folder & Click on Upload.

How to Backup & Restore a Blogger Template!

  • Again Start With Boring Steps. Log in to Blogger and Select a Blog.
  • Now Click on Template and Then Select Backup/Restore.
  • Now, To Backup Your Blogger Template.
  • Click on Download full Template.
how to restore blogger template

  • Again, to Restore it, Just Select that Backup File and Upload it there. Thats it.

So guys, that's my simple and best explanation on how to upload, backup and restore a blogger template. Its nothing but just the basic operation of your blogger blog. I hope, you learnt this all. Kindly share it with your mates and leave your valuable thoughts in the comment box below. Happy to Help :)
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