What is SEO & How It Relates to Your Daily Blogging?

Listening the Word 'SEO' All Around & Don't Know Anything About It? Well! Dont Worry Guys, If You are a Newbie in Blogging and Don't Know Much About SEO then this Post is For You. In this Post, I am Trying to Give My Best Explanation to SEO that What it is and How It Relates to Your Daily Blogging! So..
What is SEO & How it Works
Before starting, I have a question for you that -'why you write a blog?'
I think your answer would be to share the experiences and thoughts to you readers and lastly, to become a money making blogger! Right? Probably, the best way to get a loyal reader is via Search Engine. Yes! Whenever a person searches for any query on search engines, he gets a lots of results and after that, he goes.

A Introduction to SEO For Bloggers.

Have you ever thought that how the search engines show those results? How they rank each and every post and page to a decent order? No? Thats the thing you have to know about. Its all about the optimization and modification of the content according to the search engines, so that the search engine bots can catch your content easily and provide your blog a ranking for that particular query.
Blogging is not all about writing and publishing your content on blog as you always have to optimize them for the search engines, so that you can get a decent amount of organic traffic to your blog

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the name suggests, SEO is all about Optimizing and Modifying your content for the search engines so that they can rank your blog and blog post for various queries. There are a lot of Techniques and Strategies every blogger should use to optimize the content for search engines.
We are in 2016 and there are tons of daily posts getting published online. Its hard to get ranked on search engines if you won't optimize your content more wisely. You have to consider each and every SEO strategy to get succeed.

Conceptually, there are two ways by which we can perform the optimization task:
On page & Off Page SEO

  • On-Page SEO Optimization - It includes all the major optimizations like meta tags, keyword research & proper keyword placements, well-structred content, Using Heading Tags, Fast page Loading etc. (Will discuss those in my upcoming posts)
  • Off-Page SEO Optimization - It includes Link building, Submitting Blog or Website to search engine directories etc.
Lastly, You yourself have to optimize your blog/website to rank on search engines and they are not your relatives to do a favour for you. It totally depends on you that how much you are concerned about your blog's SEO & Link building. Always keep in mind that a well-optimized post can give you tons of daily readers.
Overall, Its just an introduction to the basics of SEO, If you are concerned about it, do wait for my upcoming posts related to it in which i'll discuss further about each and every point.
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