Add All Friends to Facebook Group at Once By Chrome - 2016

Do you own a facebook group and want to have more members? No doubt, a facebook group with much members give special feeling and authenticity. It appears in the search results more properly. It attracts more people from outside to join. But, how to boost-up the members in a very quick way?
My this post is all about sharing the trick to increase the group members in a quick way. Just sit aside and read the entire post.

Facebook groups are one of best online places to discuss on a topic and exchange ideas with like minded people. Any facebook user can create and manage a facebook group very easily. There may have an unlimited numbers of admins of a facebook group.

If you are a proud admin of your group, you have a lot of controlls over your group. You can control your group's privacy, posting options, manage group settings and many others. The more members in your group have more activeness and a type of exposure of your group. Active groups with more members appears in suggestions and facebook search very perfectly.

While managing a group, have you ever thoughts how can you convert all of your friends to group members? No?
Don't worry, Now you can add all friends to facebook group very quickly, even in a single click with chrome. The trick I am going to share is perfectly working till the date.
Add All Friends to Facebook Group at Once - 2016
Add All Friends to Facebook Group at Once - 2016

In this post, I am going to share an awesome script to add all friends to facebook groups at once. Just follow the below words carefully and thats all!
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How to Add All Friends to Facebook Group in a Single Click - 2016

  • First of all, Go to facebook & log-in to your facebook account.
  • Download the script (.txt file) from the below button. After downloading, open the file in notepad and copy the entire script by CTRL+A & CTRL+C keys.

Now, for Chrome press CTRL+SHIFT+J
& for Mozilla press CTRL+SHIFT+K

  • After pressing these keys, a console tab will appear. Paste the copied script there by CTRL+V keys & press Enter.
  • As soon as you click ENTER, a pop-up tab will appear with a number of options.(see the screenshot)
add all friends to facebook group chrome 2016

  • Click on the Invite All Friends to Group option and enter the group id in pop-up tab and press Ok.
  • Now, the process of adding members will be started and you will see the added members.

Please Note: Don't Add More than 800 Members at a Time. It May Harm Your Facebook Account in a Number of Ways. To Stop the Process of Adding Members, Cut that Existing Tab.

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So, that's the spam free method to increase the facebook group members by adding all of the friends. The script I have used in this tutorial is the most awesome script, anyone have ever seen. Also, it is a multi-purpose script and a lot of tasks can be performed by that.

Let me know if you are stucking in any of the above mentioned steps. Just drop a line via comments and I would love to reply yo as soon as possible.

Also, Don't forget to share this awesome script to add all friends to facebook group in a click with your friends and mates. Happy to Help!
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