How to Add Alexa Widget to Your Blogger Sidebar - 2016

add alexa widget to blogger
Alexa is a California based company that provides Traffic Data, Global Rankings and other data of more than 30 million websites.

It provides both, Global and Regional rankings of a website. Alexa rank is a crucial fact to determine that traffic and activeness of any blog or website.

The less alexa rank of your blog/site will attract more advertisers and you can make a good amount of money. It will also incrase the exposure of your blog.

Although, there are a lot of factors that improve your alexa ranking but first, you have to add it's official widget to your blog. Let me show you some benefits of alexa widget.
  • It increases your blog's exposure.
  • It attracts advertisers if you have a low rank.
  • It shows the popularity of your blog.

Now, If you managing a blog on blogger and don't know how to add a alexa widget to you sidebar then this post is for you.

In this post, I am sharing the simple steps to add alexa ranking widget to your blogger footer or sidebar.

So, follow the simple steps and do it. It will hardly take 3 minutes to add the widget to your blog. Lets do it.
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How to Add Alexa Widget to Your Blogger Sidebar or Footer - 2016

  • First of all, Log in to blogger and select your blog.
  • Now go to layout and select Add a Gadget where you want to add the alexa widget.
  • Now, select Html & Javascript from the pop up window.
  • Now, copy the below code and replace with your domain. After that, paste the code in html/javascript box.
<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a>

  • Save it and you are done.
Your alexa ranking will appear with the widget on your blogger's sidebar as soon as you will add it.

Its highly recommended to add a alexa ranking widget to improve your rankings.
So, that's all under implementing alexa ranking widget to your blog. I am sure you got the steps without a problem. Share it with your friends and blogger mates. Happy blogging!
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