Trick to Make Single Name Facebook Account - 2016

Facebook profiles with the single name (first name only) are in a trend now a days. Crazy facebookers always search for such tricky stuffs to gain a little fame and stand out with others.

If you too want to have a facebook account with single name for yourself then this post is only and only for you.

How to Make Single Name Facebook Account 2016

In this post, i am describing all about how to make single name facebook profile.

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Well, to create a facebook account with the first name only is not available in India officially. This feature is for those countries and nations in which people have only first name formally. As we all know, Indians always look for some tricky stuffs and tutorials, and when it comes to Social Media, especially Facebook then they want to be on top always in finding bugs and executing as per their needs.

As far as i know, the trick to create a single name facebook id was firstly came into light in 2013-14. That time the trick was very difficult and complicated with the steps. Many blogs have shared their own tricks to make a single name facebook account but all of them are outdated now. On tricksfeed, i always avoid such outdated stuffs share the latest, fresh and 100% working content. Recently i shared a trick to change facebook name before 60 days or after limit, don't miss.

I know you can't wait more to make it. So, without going more, I would now like to share the most wanted trick to make single name facebook account. I am posting the latest 2016 edition of this trick and it is working perfectly with mobile and computer. So, kindly follow each and every step carefully. Good luck!

How to Make Single Name Facebook Account - 2016 (Latest & Working Trick)

Requirements: A PC or Mobile, Working Internet Connection, & a Facebook Account (Name Change Available)

First of all, let me clear a thing as i do not want to keep anything suspected at the end of this post. Your name change option must be available to implement this trick. If you've changed your name too many times or in last 60 days then it could be disable there. Allright? Lets move ahead!

  • So, Log in to your facebook account first.
  • Now, change your language to (TAMIL)

  • After that, head over to Setting>General & go for a name change.
  • Now, remove your last name (sir name or title) from there and keep your desired name as first name.
  • Now, click on (Review Change) & confirm it with password.

Thats all. Your profile is now with a one word name.

Allright? Got everything properly?
You just have to follow the steps carefully. I would like to suggest you to do this on your mobile phone as it will be damn easy on that. I am damn sure that you won't face any issues while working on the above steps.

So, that's the only way to make a single name facebook account. You can perform this tutorial on Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and all other major browsers. Also, this trick is not limited to computer only, you can do it via android or any other smartphone also.

Don't feel shy to leave a comment if you are stucking any of the above mentioned steps to make single name facebook account. You friends also might be looking for this trick, so must share it with your social media circle. For future stuffs, don't forget to Like TricksFeed on Facebook :)
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