7 Top & Best Facebook Tricks - 2016

Facebook is the largest social media community on the web. It connects the people from different nations and destinations around the world. Facebook pages, groups and events make it more attractive and lovely.

People share posts, pictures and videos without any stop on facebook. It's the widely used social networking site with the most active daily user.

There are a lot of tasks on facebook that anyone can't perform easily. Just suppose, How will you add your all friends to facebook group at once? Got stucked? Yes! You can't do it untill you get a tricky way.

Not just this one. There are a large number of facebook tricks that can automate your tasks. These tricks are spam free and very easy to use.

If you are a crazy facebook user and want to do really some tricky stuffs on facebook then Here's I am posting Top & Best Facebook Tricks of 2016.
best facebook tricks 2016

So far, I have shared a number of facebook tricks on tricksfeed that are very safe and easy to use. Here, I am collecting them all in a single post. Again, Don't forget that all of tricks are 100% safe and easy to use.

So, Lets start. Here's a list of awesome, top and best facebook tricks of 2016. You shouldn't miss anyone of these.

Best Facebook Tricks - 2016

#1 - Accept All Friend Requests on Facebook at Once - 2016

Accept all friend requests at once
Getting too much friend requests in your facebook account. Are you looking for a trick to accept all of your friend request in a rapid way? In this post, I have shared the best ever way to confirm all pending requests on facebook in a single click. The best way and Best trick ever!!! So, Dont miss and just check it out.

#2 - Change Facebook Name After Limit or Before 60 Days - 2016

Change facebook name after limit or before 60 days
Another amazing trick! If you are stucking while changing your name on facebook, then here's a solution we have got for you. In this post, I have shared two different ways to change facebook name after limit or before 60 days. I hope it will work for you surely. Check it out now!

#3 - How to Make Stylish Name on Facebook - 2016

Make stylish name on facebook
Saw your friend's facebook id witha stylish name and wish to have your own? Want to have a facebook profile with stylish name? This trick is for all those crazy facebookers who want to make a stylish name facebook id. Just click the below link to get the trick.

#4 - Trick to Make Single Name Facebook Account - 2016

Single name facebook Trick.
Well, to create a facebook account with the first name only is not available in India officially. This feature is for those countries and nations in which people have only first name formally. As we all know, Indians always look for some tricky stuffs and tutorials, and when it comes to Social Media, especially Facebook then they want to be on top always in finding bugs and executing as per their needs. In this post, i am describing all about how to make single name facebook profile.

#5 - Add All Friends to Facebook Group at Once By Chrome - 2016

Add all friends to facebook group at once
A great trick to all of those who are managing a group and looking to increase the number of members quickly. In this post, I have shared an awesome script to add all friends to facebook groups at once. Just follow the post carefully and thats all!

#6 - How to Block/Stop Games Request From Facebook Friends - 2016

block/stop games requests on facebook
Worried about too many game and app requests from your facebook friends and looking for a permanent solution of it? Well, In this post I have shared a trick by which you can block/stop game requests from you facebook friends. Click below to read the full tutorial.

#7 - Script to Invite All Friends to Like Facebook Page at Once - 2016

Invite all friends to facebook page at once script
Want to Increase your facebook page likes fastly without spending more time in inviting? In this post, I have got an amazing trick to Invite all friends to facebook page. It's working with a computer and isn't for a mobile or tab. Just check it out.

I hope you will like these best facebook tricks of 2016. Let me know if you are having issues with any of the tricks mentioned above. I hope you will give a share to this post. :)
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