India Germany ahead to Ban Collecting WhatsApp Data From Facebook

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German Privacy Regulator ordered Facebook to stop storing the data of German users of the most popular messaging app {WhatsApp}

Last month, WhatsApp comes with the new update of its privacy policy and Terms And Conditions which is to start sharing the user data with the company, and now they are in trouble specially Germany And India.
As you Know Facebook boought WhatsApp for $19bn (£14.6bn) in the year 2014 as a scheme to reach out thr younger audience, that time WhatsApp promised that its user data will not shared with both the companies in future.
Germany has been to strict to both Facebook as well as WhatsApp to stop storing data of approx 35 Millions WhatsApp users which comes from Germany.
Last Tuesday, The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Johannes Caspar ordered Facebook to remove/delete all the data which has been stored already by WhatsApp since August.
On Sept. 23, the Delhi High Court in India ordered WhatsApp to remove/delete the restored data of all users from their server until Sept. 25.
In the press release of company they said - "Such an exchange is only admissible if both companies, the one that provides the data (WhatsApp) as well as the receiving company (Facebook) have established a legal basis for doing so."

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Facebook And WhatsApp is in trouble by Germany 
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According to the Watchdog, Facebook and WhatsApp are both independent companies, they should use their users' data in the basis on their own T&Cs as well as data Privacy Policies.
Meanwhile, WhatsApp users have no sign of worry about the data of their WhatsApp messages, like chats and images, as they are end-to-end encrypted(new policy), which simply means even the company cannot read them as hard as they can try.

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