Latest State Bank Buddy Apk App Free Download 2016

About State Bank Buddy Apk Latest Version 2016 :-  Now a days in India the application named State Bank Buddy apk app is on trend. Here on our site you will get to know how to install and use the app. Meanwhile it's a very useful app officially announced by State Bank of India.

SBI Buddy App Apk Download Free Latest Version 2016

Here we are going to discuss about the SBI Buddy apk app. Well you are Mobile friendly, and its easy to do all the necessary work with the home using your phone which makes any work more easier in day today life. All you wanted to know is make the Mobile Banking easier.  So you have to follow some steps which we are providing below :-
Download Free State Bank Buddy App
State Bank Buddy App
Steps to download State Bank Buddy Apk App
  1.  Go to Google Play Store and Search State Bank Buddy App.
  2. You will get the result on the top.
  3. It's just of 5.6mb not a big deal for you.
You can download the Apk App from here too.

Just click on DOWNLOAD NOW given below and it will automatically starting download in few seconds.


How to Install?
  1. After Downloading Allow Your Android Mobile to install Unknown Source 
     2. Now click on the downloaded Apk to start downloading.

      3. Click on the Install to start installing the app.
      4. The process will start and installed in very few seconds.

      5. Now Click on Launch, the very beautiful app will open (check screenshots for guidance).

      6. Now choose your language which you wanted to choose.

       7. As you are new user you have to Sign Up, Fill the details as shown below.

     8.You will get a 6-digit OTP on your mobile number which you provided. Enter it in the next step.

     9. Fill the OTP and Set any 4 Digit Pin and for security reason one question is required.

    10. Now after filling all the details Accept terms and conditions and privacy policy.

    11. After this, the app will take you forward to enter the pin one more time which you set earlier for security purpose.

   12. Following are the multiple purposes which you can use from this app.

   13. You have to add the balance to you wallet for using this E-Commerce app.
   14. You can Send money to your friends, ask urgent money from your friends, booking trains tickets, you can search the trains for your status, you can book movie tickets, you can shop online, bus tickets are also available through this app as well as flights tickets too.

   15. You can send Gifts to your someone special too on any special occassion as well.

   16. As it is a multi purpose App and you don't have to move around for anything. This App make you reliable and convienience.

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