Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Alexander the great, napoleon, mussolini and hitler, all suffered from which phobia?

What do Alexander , Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler have in common? One or two matters spring to thoughts, glaringly, however tyranny and a thirst for global domination aren't what problem us right here. All are reputed to have suffered from ailurophobia - the priority of cats. it in reality is no longer to mention that they didn't loads take care of cats or held tom cats to be now not as good as, say, puppies or horses; allegedly, they had been palm-sweatingly, backbone-tinglingly, belly-churningly terror-struck through felines.

I say allegedly because of the fact the tremendous library of cat love could no longer generally tend to hassle itself with footnotes. i have not any idea if everybody honestly is aware of (or cares) how Hitler or Mussolini felt approximately cats, or wherein the tale about Alexander falling into a swoon at the sight of a cat originates, but ailurophiles appear irresistibly drawn to the idea that cat aversion is a sign of a brutish, insensitive  temperament. "Artists like cats; squaddies like puppies," as Desmond Morris as soon as stated.
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