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Ancient mathematics book sulva sutra was written by

The Shulba Sutras are a part of the larger corpus of texts referred to as the Shrauta Sutras  taken into consideration to be appendices to the Vedas  they are the best assets of know-how of Indian mathematics from the Vedic duration  unique fire-altar shapes were related to specific presents from the Gods  for instance   he who desires heaven is to bring together a fireplace-altar within the form of a falcon ;  a hearth-altar in the shape of a tortoise is to be constructed via one trying to win the arena of Brahman  and  individuals who desire to smash modern-day and future enemies should construct a fireplace-altar inside the form of a rhombus   1

The 4 fundamental Shulba Sutras  which might be mathematically the maximum huge  are those attributed to Baudhayana  Manava  Apastamba and Katyayana  1  Their language is past due Vedic Sanskrit  pointing to a composition more or less throughout the primary millennium BCE  1  The oldest is the sutra attributed to Baudhayana  probable compiled round 800 BCE to 600 BCE  1  whilst the youngest content can also additionally date to approximately 2 hundred CE  2

Satapatha Brahmana and Taittiriya Samhita had been probable moreover aware of the Pythagoras theorem  6  Seidenberg  1983  argued that both  antique Babylonia were given the concept of Pythagoras from India or that antique Babylonia and India got it from a third supply   7  Seidenberg cautioned that this supply is probably Sumerian and may predate 1700 BC  Staal 1999 illustrates an software of the Pythagorean Theorem in the Shulba Sutra to transform a rectangle to a rectangular of identical region
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