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Feni is spirit produced from

Feni (once in a while spelled fenny or fenim) is a spirit produced totally in Goa, India. There are  styles of feni; cashew feni and toddy palm feni, depending at the original issue. The small batch distillation of feni has a vital effect on its final individual; however preserving a number of the sensitive aromatics, congeners and flavour factors of the juice from which it turn out to be produced.

Feni is assessed as a "country liquor", and is consequently no longer allowed to be offered out of doors the nation of Goa.[1]

The phrase feni is derived from the Sanskrit word phena ("froth"); that is notion to be because of the bubbles that form a mild froth at the same time as the liquor is shaken in a bottle or poured into a glass. it is commonly normal that coconut feni emerge as produced earlier than after which accompanied to conform the same machine for distilling the unique cashew fruit. Coconut palms are huge along the coastline of Western India and Goa, at the same time as the cashew tree was an distinct species brought by means of manner of the Portuguese to India. there may be ambiguity approximately even as and who started out distilling fermented juice proper right into a spirit.

The feni fed on in South Goa is normally of a higher alcohol content fabric (40 three-45% abv) in comparison to the feni produced in North Goa. Commercially packaged feni is available at 40 two.8% abv.
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