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What is the only state capital that shares no letters with the state it is capital of?

Washington, D.C. is the modern-day Federal capital metropolis of america, because it has been on the grounds that 1819. each U.S. united states has its personal capital metropolis, as do a lot of its Insular areas. historically, maximum states have not modified their capital city due to the fact turning into a state, however the capital cities of their respective previous colonies, territories, kingdoms, and republics usually modified more than one instances. There have additionally been different governments in the contemporary borders of the usa with their own capitals, such as the Republic of Texas, local American international locations, and exceptional unrecognized governments.

native American capitals

a few native American tribes, in particular the five Civilized Tribes, prepared their states with constitutions and capitals in Western style. Others, much like the Iroquois, had prolonged-popularity, pre-Columbian traditions of a 'capitol' longhouse in which wampum and council fires were maintained with special repute. thinking about the truth that they did organization with the U.S. Federal government, those capitals may be seen as formally recognized in some enjoy.
Cherokee u . s . a .

    New Echota 1825-1832

New Echota, now close to Calhoun, Georgia become based totally in 1825, understanding the dream and plans of Cherokee chief crucial Ridge. predominant Ridge selected the website because of its centrality in the historical Cherokee kingdom which spanned factors of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama, and as it changed into close to the confluence of the Conasauga and Coosawattee rivers. The metropolis's layout become in component inspired by using manner of Ridge's many visits to Washington D.C. and to Baltimore, but additionally invoked traditional topics of the Southeastern ceremonial complicated. complete with the Council house, splendid court docket docket, Cherokee syllabary printing press, and the homes of numerous of the kingdom's constitutional officials, New Echota served due to the fact the capital till 1832 while the state of Georgia outlawed native American assembly in an attempt to undermine the dominion. hundreds of Cherokee may acquire in New Echota for the once a yr country wide Councils, camping alongside the close by rivers and retaining prolonged stomp dances within the park-like woods which have been ordinary of many Southeastern nearby American settlements.[5]

    purple Clay 1832-1838

The Cherokee country wide council grounds had been moved to pink Clay, Tennessee at the Georgia usa line with a purpose to prevent the Georgia country protection force. The log cabins, limestone springs and park-like woods of crimson Clay severed as the capital till the Cherokee u . s . a . emerge as eliminated to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) on the path of Tears.[5]

    Tahlequah 1839-1907, 1938-present

Tahlequah, in present-day Oklahoma, served due to the fact the capital of the proper Cherokee state after removal. After the Civil warfare, a turbulent period for the country which became worried in its very personal civil struggle resulting from pervasive anger and disagreements over removal from Georgia, the Cherokee nation built a today's national Capitol in Tahlequah out of brick. The constructing served because the capitol until 1907, whilst the Dawes Act eventually dissolved the Cherokee nation and Tahlequah became the county seat of Cherokee County, Oklahoma. The Cherokee country wide authorities have become re-hooked up in 1938 and Tahlequah stays the capital of the current-day Cherokee country; it is also the capital of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians.

    Cherokee twentieth century-gift

spherical 800 Cherokees resisted removal and remained in conventional Cherokee territory. within the 20th century, their descendants prepared because the eastern Band of Cherokee Indians; its capital is at Cherokee, North Carolina, within the tribally-controlled Qualla Boundary.
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