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Which is the state tree of maharashtra

All 29 Indian states have their very own government and the 7 Union territories come under the jurisdiction of the relevant authorities. As most of the other countries India too has a countrywide logo - The lion capital. aside from India's national emblem, every of its States and Union Territories have their personal state seals and emblems which include kingdom animals, birds, bushes, flora and many others.[1] A list of nation timber of India is given underneath. See Symbols of Indian states and territories for a complete list of all nation characters and seals.

Mango, more popularly known as the stone fruit is the nation tree of Maharashtra. It belongs to the family of Mangifera and one of the maximum favored fruits of all. Mango is the country wide fruit of India but other international locations like Pakistan and Philippines have additionally adopted it as their national fruit attributable to its big demand inside the us of a. similar to the mango fruit is loved through every person, further its leaves are also used in religious sports and ceremonies for developing floral decor.


The call of the fruit mango comes from the Tamil phrase “marigai” meaning “to pickle”. Mango has quite a few traits which make it the king of all end result and loved by using everyone.

    On a mean the mango bushes have a peak as much as 35-forty meters.
    There are types of species of mango that are cultivated in specific components of the Indian subcontinent.
    Even the dimensions of the fruit depends on its range.

Ecology and Habitat

Mangoes have their houses in South Asia wherein they were cultivated due to the fact heaps of years. throughout the tenth century, East Africa started growing mangoes hence uploading the fruit to different regions and nations.
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