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Which queen tried to kill all the royal seed

First, Jehu killed Joram. Then he wheeled his chariot round to pursue Aziah. Aziah had visible Joram being murdered, and knew he was outnumbered. He turned and raced his chariot faraway from the frightful scene. there is a heartrending account of his desperate flight up the hill closer to safety within the castle of Gur. He did no longer make it. He changed into shot through arrows as he fled . He later died at Megiddo.

Athaliah in the Bible: historical ivory plaque displaying the famous 'girl at the Window

historic ivory plaque with the well-known ‘woman on the Window

historical ivory plaque showing the famous ‘female at the Window’

On that identical day, Queen Jezebel become killed, thrown down from a high balcony of the palace and smashed at the stones of the courtyard. She become left to die there, and the puppies ate her body.

All of Athaliah’s male household in Jezreel, capital city of Israel – the seventy boys and younger guys inside the royal own family, were rounded up and beheaded. On Jehu’s orders their heads were positioned in baskets at the city gate.

Jehu then herded forty- of Athaliah’s person male household right into a pit and slaughtered them at Betheked. It seemed as though he had killed anybody in Israel and Judah who might be capable of declare the thrones of those kingdoms.
Athaliah takes command

however there was one survivor in this horrible carnage: Athaliah. Spared due to the fact she turned into, in spite of everything, just a woman, she now took command of Judah – there had been no surviving adult sons or grandsons to do so – and became its queen.
photograph of any other tough ruling lady: Margaret Thatcher, top Minister of awesome Britain

photograph of any other tough ruling lady: Margaret Thatcher, prime Minister of excellent Britain

picture of Margaret Thatcher, top Minister of terrific Britain. Like Athaliah, a sturdy lady in a tricky political world.

such a factor had by no means been completed before. ladies would possibly have an effect on politics, but they'd in no way ruled in their very own right (see at proper the image of prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whose electricity additionally outraged male politicians).

This of path infuriated the Temple monks, who had supported Jehu’s double coup d’état and helped plan it.

these priests have been those who later got here to put in writing and edit Judah’s history, which is why Athaliah is portrayed as the finest villainess of the Bible.
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