Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Who is the author of the hobbit and the lord of the rings trilogy?

Heaps of years before the events of the novel, the dark lord sauron had cast the one ring to rule the alternative jewelry of power and corrupt folks that wore them: the leaders of guys, elves and dwarves. Sauron changed into defeated via an alliance of elves and men led by gil-galad and elendil, respectively. Isildur, son of elendil, reduce the one ring from sauron's finger, causing sauron to lose his physical shape. Isildur claimed the hoop as an heirloom for his line, but when he turned into later ambushed and killed by the orcs, the hoop turned into lost within the river anduin at gladden fields.

Over  thousand years later, the hoop changed into discovered with the aid of one of the river-folk referred to as déagol. His pal[11] sméagol fell below the hoop's influence and strangled déagol to gather it. Sméagol was banished and hid below the misty mountains. The ring gave him long life and modified him over loads of years into a twisted, corrupted creature known as gollum. Gollum lost the ring, his "treasured", and as informed within the hobbit, bilbo baggins found it. Meanwhile, sauron assumed a new form and took returned his antique realm of mordor. When gollum set out searching for the ring, he become captured and tortured by way of sauron. Sauron found out from gollum that "baggins" of the shire had taken the ring. Gollum changed into set loose. Sauron, who wanted the hoop to regain his full power, sent forth his powerful servants, the nazgûl, to capture it.
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