Thursday, July 13, 2017

Your php installation appears to be missing the mysql extension which is required by wordpress.

nowadays we’ll check the top five reasons for this error, and a way to repair them.
1. non-public domestic web page’s MySQL extension not set up

private domestic web page’s capacity to send square instructions to MySQL comes from an additional module known as MySQL extension. In a few default operating device setup, this extension may not be present.

to check in case your personal home page has MySQL resource, positioned the subsequent code into a document referred to as records.php to your website, and get right of entry to it from a browser.


It should show a MySQL phase like this:

If not, you can must set up MySQL extensions.

In Ubuntu servers, use the command:

# apt-get installation php5-mysqlnd

In RedHat compatible servers, use the command:

# yum deploy Hypertext Preprocessor-mysql

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2. non-public home page extension list mis-configured

In a few web sites, specially humans who have been these days migrated, or in a newly setup VPS, the “extension_dir” is every now and then misconfigured.

This list shops all of the non-public domestic page libraries, and if now not set efficiently, Hypertext Preprocessor cannot execute those functions.

To restore this, first locate which personal home page.ini report is being loaded by way of manner of your internet website. For this, positioned the following code into a file referred to as statistics.php, and get right of entry to it from a browser.


look for the road known as “Loaded Configuration file”. The file route stated there may be the real vicinity to the personal home page configuration report.

Now, look for the access referred to as “extension_dir“. It should both be commented, or it need to have the precise path to private domestic page extensions. It must in no manner be left easy.
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