Thursday, August 24, 2017

Which had the greatest influence in prompting the second continental congress to declare independence?

Throughout most of colonial history, the British Crown was the sole political establishment that united the yank colonies. The Imperial Crisis of the decade and decade, however, drove the colonies toward progressively larger unity. Americans throughout the thirteen colonies united con to the new system of imperial taxation initiated by the British government in 1765. The Stamp Act of that year–the initial direct, internal tax obligatory on the colonists by the British Parliament–inspired conjunctive resistance inside the colonies. 9 colonial assemblies sent delegates to the Stamp Act Congress, AN illegal convention that met to coordinate the colonies’ response to the new tax. though the Stamp Act Congress was fugacious, it hinted at the improved unity among the colonies that will shortly follow.

Colonial opposition created a dead letter of the Stamp Act and caused its repeal in 1766. the British government didn't abandon its claim to the authority to pass laws for the colonies, however, and would build continual makes an attempt to exert its power over the colonies within the years to follow. did therefore through committees of correspondence, that changed ideas and knowledge, instead of through a united political body.
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